Invited Speaker

Alakkumar Patra

Alakkumar Patra

Senior Lecturer, School of Civil Engineering, The Papua New Guinea University of Technology, Lae, Morobe, Papua New Guinea (PNG Unitech)
Speech Title: Investigation on laminated polymer composite reinforced with unidirectional carbon fiber prepreg

Abstract: Damage characteristics of polymer composite layer reinforced with unidirectional carbon prepreg tape is analysed under different tensile loading conditions. Modelling and simulation are performed using ABAQUS (standard) software. One end of the specimen is fixed and the other end is free where tensile loads are applied. The displacement profile is presented in Fig. 1 and the load -displacement plot is shown in Fig.2. It is evident from the load-deformation plot that at the initial part, relationship is linear. The stress at different zones is different and is an expected one for typical nature of such fibrous composites. This is a part of a bigger project with experimental investigation (Fig. 3) and is expected in full paper for possible publication.

Keywords: Carbon-prepreg-tape, epoxy resin, Unidirectional fiber, fixed-free, numerical-experimental.

Fig. 1 Displacement profile

Fig. 2 Load displacement plot

Fig. 3 Experimental setup

Biography: Dr. Alak Kumar Patra is currently a Senior lecturer in the School of Civil engineering at The Papua New Guinea University of Technology, Papua New Guinea. He is currently the Chair of the Research, Development and Engagement Committee, In-Charge, Research and Laboratory, Advanced Composite Research Centre, Post Graduate Course Coordinator, Lab. In-Charge, Structural & Concrete Lab at the School of Civil Engineering, The Papua New Guinea University Of Technology, Lae, Morobe Province, Papua New Guinea. Prior to this position he was an Associate Professor and attached to Advanced Composite Research Centre at SRM Institute of Technology and was H.O.D. In-Charge, Faculty In-Charge, Construction and Maintenance Activities and Faculty In-Charge, Material Testing Laboratory at National Institute of Technology, Sikkim, India. Dr Patra’s research is focused on advanced composite materials, Environment friendly materials and structures, Integrated Building Design, Real time Structural Health Monitoring, High Temperature Application of Composites, Innovative Manufacturing of Composites and Applied Nano Technology. Dr Patra has published several peer-reviewed papers in reputed international Journals. He has worked as the only Senior Research Fellow to establish Composite Research laboratory and to complete Department of Science and Technology and Indian Space Research Organization sponsored Research projects of total cost 7.44 million INR at IIT Kharagpur. Dr Patra is a life time Fellow member (F.I.E.) of The Institution of Engineers (India) along with the member of American Society of Civil Engineers, American Society for Composites and Optica America. He has visited two times USA, once Germany and China to present his research findings. Currently, he is supervising 1 PhD students and four PG students. Eighteen UG and one PG students have completed their projects under his supervision.